About Us

What We Are

"St. Raphael" is a day care center for children and adults with moderate to profound degrees of developmental delay, physically or mentally challenged. It was founded on 23 December, 1974, and has been legally registered with the City Government of Tainan as a social welfare organization since 1982. At present, 250 individuals (children and adults) are using our regular services. The center has a staff of 100 educators, therapists, social workers, office workers and drivers.

Our Philosophy

We are deeply convinced that where there is people, there is love, and where there is love, there is hope. For the physically or mentally challenged persons to have a normal living and learning environment with the general population, enjoyment of human rights and exercising their social obligations.

Our Mission

Through education, training and rehabilitation activities, physically or mentally challenged persons can unfold their proficiency and potential, take care of themselves, and integrate and play a role as part of the society. We work together with the families and the community to find the most appropriate and effective support, and enhance their quality of life. We help the public to understand physically or mentally challenged persons and improve their awareness and attitudes toward them.

  • Implementing "double-aging" services.

  • Preparatory services for adults with multiple severe disorders for Annan Branch.

  • Achieving the goal of "Holistic Care", and giving an importance to personal and spiritual development.